Trip down memory lane Pt. 1

How did this whole thing start? I mean, it’s just ripping ads out of magazines & working a process on Etsy and other places for a few coins, right? Vintage ads are of interest to many for many reasons I’ve found. And as the years zip by (my 6th year now), the interests are as varied, weird, and it makes for a fun time of posting and watching. Here’s a little of how I walked into this buying and selling… of discovering memories and putting them where you could see and buy.  

When the kids started to need my wife and I less, interest grew in keeping busy and doing so creatively. (Hers has matured into a solid fan club…go to For me that meant reading and playing Ultimate, but for my wife it meant socializing and allowing herself to earn a little money with her eye for interesting furniture flipped and sold to local antique/folk art merchants.

  She found her interest grew and drove to many garage sales and flea markets and that it was rewarded with happy to hand over cash buyers. She then added painting furniture to the list and used latent artistic skills in crafting neat stuff that sold as well. She also started to develop signature art pieces; the more prominent being her ‘Story Dolls’ made of wood, hinges, quirky hats, and a ‘story’ pasted on the chest as you opened up the ‘arms’ on hinges. It would be a first iteration of Charis Moblo Dolls.  This stirred her on to focusing on creating art. 

As the kids started moving on and we became more independent (from our kids), her interests grew. Then…we moved…700 miles away to a podunk area in NE Ohio- surrounded by cows and 6 hours away from family and friends.  

The move wasn’t pure isolation and we had each other and a new life. Targets and shopping malls were far away, but nature and big skies surrounded us while we settled in for a quiet life of solitude. At least we thought that would do it for us. We heard about a large flea market festival down the road in Mespotamia, Ohio. The ‘Ox Fest’ was in the center of town, a layout from yesteryear; oval and surrounded by homes and a honest-to-God General Store. It wasn’t our first ever mega-flea market, but it was an Ohio home first. 

We picked up a few oddities, but what we did find is our artistic interests inflamed to replace the solitude and quiet. Not happy with once-a-year festivals, we heard about local enough Auctions. We called trips to these rural buying sprees our ‘Target Store’ fix. We began meeting some neat… and strange…people and also began conserving the business of Picking. Since we were 40 miles away from civilization…that of Cleveland, we had to plan and use the phone to make it happen.

Although the finds were interesting and we did sell a few choice items, the trips and the minor successes made this endeavor unsatisfying and costly. Meanwhile, as new technology meant newer (not smart…yet) phones; the latest (flip) with a camera tool. As my wife continued down her path, I found my own artistic flare being lit and with a new ‘window’ I had set off to discover my talent and find a zeitgeist in capturing interesting sights.  Photography and photo images had and still has become a solid beautiful way to draw interest and draw out my own creativity.  

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